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Solo Traveler’s Guide to UnBoring Adventure (2023)

Solo travelers can embark on an exhilarating journey filled with freedom, self-discovery, and the opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Yet, even the most seasoned solo travelers may find themselves facing occasional bouts of boredom during their adventures.

Fear not, travel vultures! In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil an array of tips, tricks, and immersive activities to ensure that your solo travels are anything but boring. Get ready to embrace every moment and unlock the true essence of wanderlust.


Embrace the Power of Planning:

flat ray photography of book, pencil, camera, and with lens

Creating an itinerary tailored to your interests is the first step to an engaging solo adventure. Research local attractions, hidden gems, and unique experiences that resonate with your passions. Craft a well-rounded plan, but leave room for spontaneity to truly immerse yourself in the destination’s magic.

Connect with Fellow Travelers

people sitting in front of table talking and eating

Loneliness is often the root of boredom during solo trips. Break the cycle by connecting with fellow travelers. Engage in conversations, join group activities, or seek out local meetups and events. Socializing not only alleviates boredom but also leads to lifelong friendships and shared adventures.

Dive into Local Culture

women in street dancing

Immerse yourself in the local culture by partaking in authentic experiences. Engage with locals, sample traditional cuisine, learn the language basics, or participate in cultural workshops. These immersive encounters bring a sense of novelty and excitement to your journey, keeping boredom at bay.

Solo Travel Should Engage Their Curiosity

a man on a rope high up in the air

Solo travelers must step outside their comfort zone and try new things. Take up a local dance class, embark on a thrilling adventure activity, or explore off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods. Embracing the unknown will invigorate your travels and keep you enthralled with each passing day.

Solo Travelers Must Document and Share Your Story

person holding ballpoint pen writing on notebook


Capturing and documenting your solo travel experiences is not only a creative outlet but also a fantastic way to stay engaged. Start a travel journal, take captivating photographs, or create a travel blog to share your stories with the world. Reliving your adventures through storytelling keeps the excitement alive and inspires others along the way.


Solo travel is a remarkable journey that pushes the boundaries of self-discovery and exploration. By embracing these tips, you can ensure that boredom never finds its way into your solo adventures.

From immersing yourself in the local culture to connecting with fellow travelers, each moment becomes an opportunity for growth and excitement.

So, fellow adventurers, it’s time to embark on your solo escapades with a newfound zest for life and an unwavering spirit of curiosity.

Remember, boredom has no place in the world of a solo traveler. Embrace every moment, seize every opportunity, and let your wanderlust soar like never before!

Happy and captivating travels!


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Hottest Travel Trends for the Adventurous Wanderer (2023)

Are you tired of the same old travel routine? Want to discover new and hottest travel trends for the adventurous wanderer? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the latest travel trends that are reshaping the way we experience the world. From off-the-beaten-path destinations to unique accommodations, we’ll explore the future of travel with a touch of humor and wit. So, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for an adventure like never before!

1. Slow Travel: Taking It Easy and Savoring the Moment

woman with black backpack standing on brown dessert

In a fast-paced world, slow travel is gaining popularity among wanderers who want to take it slow and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Instead of hopping from one tourist hotspot to another, slow travel encourages travelers to spend more time in one place, truly experiencing the local way of life.

Imagine renting a cozy cottage in the Italian countryside, spending your days savoring homemade pasta and sipping local wine, or exploring hidden gems in a remote village in Thailand, where you can learn to cook authentic Thai cuisine. Slow travel allows you to connect with the locals, discover hidden gems, and create lasting memories at a leisurely pace.

2. Sustainable Travel: Treading Lightly and Making a Positive Impact

two human standing between the mountains

As awareness of the environmental and social impact of travel grows, sustainable travel has become a significant trend among conscientious travelers.

Sustainable travel focuses on reducing the negative impact on the environment and supporting local communities while preserving cultural heritage.

Eco-lodges, farm stays, and homestays are gaining popularity among travelers who want to stay in accommodations that are eco-friendly and locally owned.

Volunteering for conservation projects, participating in community-based tourism initiatives, and supporting local businesses and artisans are other ways to make a positive impact while traveling.

3. Adventure Travel: Thrill-Seeking and Pushing Boundaries

running man on bridge

For adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts, adventure travel is a trend that’s here to stay. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter itineraries; adventure travel offers unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences for those who crave excitement and thrills.

Imagine trekking through the dense jungles of Costa Rica, ziplining through the canopies, and rappelling down cascading waterfalls.

Or embarking on a multi-day hiking trip to Machu Picchu, camping under the stars, and soaking in the breathtaking views of the Andes.

Adventure travel is all about pushing your boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone, and creating unforgettable memories.

4. Digital Detox Travel: Unplugging and Reconnecting with Nature

person holding blue and brown map

In the digital age, where we are constantly connected, digital detox travel is gaining traction among those seeking a break from screens and social media.

Digital detox travel encourages travelers to unplug from their devices and reconnect with nature and themselves.

Imagine spending a few days in a remote cabin in the woods, where you can hike, meditate, and stargaze without the distraction of notifications and emails.

Or embarking on a silent retreat in the mountains, where you can reflect, practice mindfulness, and recharge your mind and body. Digital detox travel allows you to disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with the present moment.

5. Culinary Travel: Savoring Flavors and Exploring Local Cuisines

person slicing green vegetable in front of round ceramic plates with assorted sliced vegetables during daytime

Food has always been an integral part of travel, but culinary travel is now emerging as a popular trend among foodies and culture enthusiasts alike. Culinary travel is all about savoring flavors, exploring local cuisines, and indulging in the gastronomic delights of a destination.

Imagine taking a cooking class in Tuscany, where you can learn to make traditional Italian dishes from scratch. If you are one that is looking for the hottest travel trends for the adventurous wanderer remember to slow down and take in the culture and local norms.   

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8 Unmissable Midwest Museums and Art Galleries: Our Top Picks (2023)

The Midwest region of the United States is home to a wealth of cultural institutions, including some of the country’s most impressive museums and art galleries.

From Chicago to Minneapolis, and from Detroit to Indianapolis, visitors to the Midwest can explore a wide range of art and artifacts from around the world.

Whether you’re a fan of classic masterpieces or contemporary art, there’s something for everyone in the Midwest’s many museums and galleries. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the must-visit cultural institutions in the region, highlighting their unique collections and attractions.

Whether you’re planning a road trip through the Midwest or simply looking for inspiration for your next cultural outing, read on for our top picks of museums and art galleries in the Midwest. 

Here are some of the must-visit museums and art galleries in the Midwest:

The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois.a statue of a group of people holding a cross

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most renowned art museums in the world, known for its extensive collection of art from diverse cultures and time periods.

This world-renowned art museum is home to over 300,000 works of art, including pieces by Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso. The museum’s collection includes over 300,000 works of art, spanning more than 5,000 years of human creativity.

The collection includes art from ancient civilizations, as well as contemporary works. The Art Institute of Chicago houses some of the world’s most famous masterpieces, including Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks,” and Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.”The museum has a significant collection of modern and contemporary art, including works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Roy Lichtenstein.

The museum’s collection encompasses a diverse range of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and textiles. The Art Institute of Chicago also hosts numerous special exhibitions throughout the year, featuring works from both its permanent collection and loans from other institutions.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art,  Kansas City Missouri.

yellow leaf tree on green grass field during daytime

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is known for its impressive collection of art from around the world, as well as its beautiful architecture and outdoor sculpture park.

The museum’s collection includes over 40,000 works of art from diverse cultures and time periods, including European, American, and Asian art, as well as ancient and contemporary art.

The museum has an impressive outdoor sculpture park known as The Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park features over 30 large-scale sculptures by renowned artists such as Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg, and Tony Smith.

The park is free and open to the public year-round. Also while there, you will be able to see beautiful architecture, the museum’s Bloch Building, designed by architect Steven Holl, features a stunning glass and steel exterior and houses contemporary art and photography.

The museum offers numerous interactive experiences, such as the “Art Course” miniature golf course, where visitors can play through nine holes inspired by works of art in the museum’s collection.

The museum is also committed to engaging with the local community through free admission, educational programs, and partnerships with local organizations.

 The Detroit Institute of Arts,  Detroit, Michigan.

The Thinker statue near lighted street lamp during night time

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is a world-renowned art museum located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. This museum has an impressive collection of more than 60,000 works of art, including pieces by Rembrandt, van Eyck, and Rodin.

The collection here includes works of art from around the world, including American, European, African, Asian, and Islamic art, as well as contemporary art and photography.

The Detroit Institute of Arts museum is home to iconic works of art, such as Vincent van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait” and Diego Rivera’s “Detroit Industry Murals,” which are frescoes that span the walls of an entire gallery. It offers a wide range of programs and events that engage with the local community, including free admission to residents of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties, educational programs for students and teachers, and partnerships with local organizations.

The museum underwent a major renovation and expansion in 2007, adding new galleries and state-of-the-art facilities, such as a new conservation lab and a digital imaging center. The DIA is a cultural icon of Detroit and a source of pride for the city, reflecting the rich history and diversity of the region.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art,  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) is a world-class museum located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, known for its extensive collection of art from around the world.

This museum has a diverse collection of over 90,000 works of art, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary art. The museum’s collection spans more than 5,000 years of human history and includes art from diverse cultures and time periods, including American, European, African, and Asian art. 

The museum is particularly known for its collections of decorative arts and textiles, which include objects such as furniture, ceramics, and textiles from around the world.

The museum offers numerous interactive experiences, such as the “Art Stories” program, which allows visitors to hear stories about works of art in the collection told by community members.

Admission to the museum is free, allowing visitors to explore the collection without cost. The museum is committed to engaging with the local community through educational programs, partnerships with local organizations, and initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois.

a group of toy dinosaurs

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago, Illinois, is dedicated to presenting and interpreting contemporary art in all forms.

This museum is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art from around the world, including works by emerging artists. The museum is solely dedicated to contemporary art, presenting exhibitions, performances, and programs that showcase the most innovative and influential art of our time.

The museum hosts a wide range of exhibitions, from solo shows of emerging artists to major retrospectives of established figures in the art world.

The exhibitions often engage with important social and political issues, encouraging visitors to think critically about the world around them.

The museum frequently collaborates with artists, curators, and organizations from around the world to produce groundbreaking exhibitions and events.

In addition to exhibitions, the museum hosts a wide range of programming, including performances, screenings, and talks, all aimed at engaging visitors in a deeper understanding of contemporary art.

The Cleveland Museum of Art,  Cleveland, Ohio.

a statue of a man sitting on a pedestal in a park

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) in Ohio is one of the premier art museums in the United States located in Cleveland, Ohio.

This museum has an extensive collection of art from around the world, including works by Michelangelo, Degas, and Caravaggio.

The museum has a collection of more than 61,000 works of art from around the world, including ancient art, contemporary art, and everything in between. It hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing everything from the most iconic masterpieces to works by lesser-known artists.

Cleveland art museum offers a wide range of programming for visitors of all ages, including lectures, workshops, and interactive experiences.

The museum’s Open Access initiative allows the free use of 30,000 images from the museum’s collection by anyone to use without restriction. The neoclassical building is itself a work of art, with stunning architecture and a central atrium that creates a sense of spaciousness and light.

The museum is free to the public, making its collection accessible to everyone. The museum also offers a variety of services for visitors with disabilities, including assistive listening devices, sign language interpreters, and wheelchair rentals.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) in Indiana is a comprehensive art museum that features a wide range of art and artifacts from around the world. It has a wide range of art and artifacts, including works by contemporary artists, African art, and European art from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The museum’s collection includes more than 54,000 works of art from ancient times to the present day, with strengths in European and American art, Asian art, and textiles.

Here you will find a variety of innovative programs and experiences for visitors of all ages, including concerts, films, lectures, and workshops.

In addition, the museum’s gardens and outdoor spaces provide a unique setting for visitors to enjoy the museum’s art and natural beauty. Indianapolis Museum of Art is deeply committed to engaging with the local community and offers a variety of outreach programs for children and families, as well as partnerships with local organizations and artists.

The museum has made a commitment to environmental sustainability and has implemented a number of green initiatives, such as using renewable energy sources, recycling, and sustainable landscaping. The museum offers free admission to its permanent collection, making it accessible to everyone.

The Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

city skyline across body of water during daytime

The Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) in Wisconsin is one of the most prominent art museums in the Midwest. This museum has a collection of over 30,000 works of art, including contemporary art, American art, and works by Old Masters. The museum’s Quadracci Pavilion is a striking piece of architecture that features a movable sunscreen with a wingspan of 217 feet.

Designed by the renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, the pavilion has become an iconic symbol of the city of Milwaukee. Its collection includes more than 25,000 works of art, ranging from ancient to contemporary, with particular strengths in American decorative arts, German Expressionism, and Haitian art.

The museum offers a variety of innovative programs and experiences for visitors of all ages, including lectures, films, performances, and interactive installations.

Milwaukee Art Museum has a number of outreach programs for schools and community groups. It is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, providing stunning views of the lake and the city skyline. Its lakefront location also provides opportunities for outdoor activities, including kayaking, biking, and picnicking.

The museum is committed to making its collection and programs accessible to everyone and offers a variety of services for visitors with disabilities, including wheelchair rentals, assisted listening devices, and sign language interpretation.

These are just a few of the many museums and art galleries worth visiting in the Midwest. Whether you’re interested in ancient artifacts, contemporary art, or something in between, there’s sure to be a museum or gallery in the Midwest that will capture your imagination.

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6 Easy Steps On How to Start Tour Guide Business (2023)

For people who love to travel, starting a tour guide business can be a fulfilling and exciting venture. This will allow them to share their knowledge and passion for places they love or history with others.

Not only that, the tour guide business can be a way to earn money while doing something you love or can be what they call a side hustle. 

Once you make the decision on this is something you want to pursue; here are some steps you can take to get started:

1. Determine your niche

First is to decide what type of tour guide you want to do, and the best way to do that is to determine your niche.  One can ask how I can determine my niche. 

The best way to determine your niche is to consider your interests and passions also what do you always love to talk about and learn?  

Once you find a  niche that aligns with your interests and passions it will be easier to enjoy sharing with others. From there you can try to look for areas that are popular with tourists and that have a rich history, culture, or natural beauty to offer.

2. Create a business plan

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

Start by defining your business, what type of tours will you offer? Who is your target market? Then outlining your services, pricing, and marketing strategy.

Find something that will make your business unique such as special skills that you can offer like historian expertise, language fluency, outdoor adventure skills, photography skills, and art expertise. 

While you are on it don’t forget to consider the needs and interests of your target audience. Who are you targeting with your tours? Consider what type of tours and experiences they are looking for and how you can meet those needs.

You can start with trials/demos that offer a few different types of tours to see which ones are most popular or most profitable. This little strategy can help you to choose a niche that you should focus on to be successful.

3. Obtain any necessary licenses and permits

Find time to learn as much as you can about your chosen destination or services that you are offering. For instance, when it comes to the city where you will be doing your business, you need to learn its history, culture, landmarks, and attractions. It’s important to have information or history about the place, being knowledgeable will attract more customers and will also build loyalty.

4. Build relationships

Try to build relationships with local businesses that you think can align with your business. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses offer your tour services to their guests.

This will benefit you, the business, and also the costumes when you come up with good arrangements.

5. Promote your business

people walking on pedestrian lane during daytime

Any business needs customers/clients, and in order to get them you need to promote your business. Don’t expect to gain clients if you don’t promote your business. There are several ways you can promote your business.

You can promote your business by using social media, advertising, and other marketing strategies Nowadays social media can be helpful especially when you are starting and you don’t have a big budget for advertising.

6. Provide excellent customer service

man in grey crew-neck t-shirt smiling to woman on counter

Good customer service can make your business successful. Make sure you are being professional, and knowledgeable to ensure that your clients have a memorable and enjoyable experience on your tours.

Try to answer all customer questions and needs, in some cases, you can go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied. Unhappy customers can bring bad reviews and that will be a bad look for a business.

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Travel Moments Adventure and Luxury Travel (2023)

One can ask what is adventure travel?  Adventure travel is a type of travel or tourism that involves exploration or travel to exotic, remote areas, and often dangerous destinations.

Adventure travelers who are different from other types of travelers most of the time participate in different activities such as climbing, backpacking, kayaking, rafting, paragliding, and many more .

Adventure travel mostly includes a sense of exploration,  interacting with local cultures, and an appreciation for nature and outdoor activities. If you feel like you want to start adventure travels here are some ways that you  can get started; 

Find Where You Want To Go

photo of woman climbing mountain

With adventure travel, you can go to any corner of the world as long as you can get there.  The first step is to find or decide where you want to go, think about what type of environment or culture you want to explore, and from there do your research on different countries that interest you.

Planning Travel Moments Adventure

person in blue denim jeans and yellow shirt sitting on yellow chair

After finding and deciding on where you want to go the next step is to plan your trip. You can start researching how you will get there and the best way to do it.

Next, the most important thing you need to plan and research is your accommodation. Do your research into what types of accommodations are available, safety, and how you can get around, and if you can read reviews from people who stayed there before so you can get an idea of the place.

Some people are extremely adventurous so they get their accommodation when they reach their destination. We do not recommend this because you might be stranded in a foreign place. 

Then you can decide what type of activities you want to do, it will be good if you know in advance how much it costs, your schedules and how far are from each other and your accommodation. 

Getting Ready For Your Travel Adventures

woman sitting on cliff overlooking body of water near mountains during daytime

Now you know where you are heading and what type of environment you will be, it’s time to prepare for your trip. Make sure to pack all the necessary items you’ll need for your adventure travel. 

Depending on where you are going, make sure you carry clothes that accommodate the weather. You don’t wanna end up with summer clothes in winter weather.

This will force you to add additional expenses of buying clothes that can accommodate the weather.  Also,  consider bringing a first-aid kit, painkiller, insect repellent, sunscreen, flashlight, etc.

The most important thing is don’t forget to carry your ID. If you are going out of the country carrying your passport is a must and if it’s a domestic trip your state ID or driver’s license will be okay.

Also, make sure your passport or ID is not expired.

Ready, Set, Go 

man standing on rock mountain

Once you put your plan in motion you are set to go.  Make sure you enjoy the experience as much as you can. Try different activities and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t forget to document your experience, take photos or videos, and write in a journal about everything you experience. This will help you to keep the memories of your trip for years to come.


Remember, adventure travel would differ for different people. What you consider an adventure is completely on what I consider an adventure. You get to define your adventures which may consist of backpacking, hostel stays, or luxury glamping on the foothills of The Alps. You get to decide!

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9 Best Adventurous Travel Destinations (2023)

Sometimes It’s hard to predict exactly what the top travel destinations will be in 2023, owing to the fact that a lot can change over time.

However, there are some places that may be popular for travelers in 2023.  The year  2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for travelers.

With the world opening up to more international travel, some travel bans have been lifted leading to more places to explore than ever before. Here are some of the best destinations to consider for your next trip in 2023:


waterfalls at daytime

Iceland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for its stunning natural beauty, its unique culture, and its diverse activities.

It is also popular for adventurous travelers due to its landscapes of rugged volcanic terrain, epic glaciers, and geothermal hot springs. 

There are a lot of activities to do in  Iceland, from outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and horseback riding, to cultural experiences like whale watching, museums, and cultural festivals. 

If you go around September to April, you will be able to see the northern lights. The best time to see northern lights is around midnight, although sometimes can be seen as early as 9:00 pm or as late as 3:00 am.  

Iceland is one of the most sustainable countries in the world, with its green energy sources and commitment to environmentalism.

In addition, Iceland is becoming increasingly accessible with more direct flights from North America and Europe.

Costa Rica

person in yellow jacket standing on hanging bridge

 Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. . It’s known for its incredible biodiversity, with its tropical rainforests, beaches, and mountains.

There are also plenty of activities to enjoy, like surfing, snorkeling, and zip-lining. Plus, Costa Rica is known as a nature lover’s paradise because it is a great destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers with its diverse wildlife, rainforest, and national parks.

In addition, the country is known for its ecotourism and sustainability efforts, making it a great option for those looking to get away from it all.

There are many amazing places to visit in Costa Rica,  which makes it hard to narrow them down. Some of the must-visit places in Costa Rica include Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano National Park, Puerto Viejo, Jaco, and many more.

New Zealand

cityscape photo during daytime

New Zealand is an ideal destination for those looking for adventure. This is due to a lot of activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and canyon swinging. 

It is known to be the home of the most spectacular landscapes and outdoor activities in the world. From stunning glaciers to snow-capped mountains and lush rainforests.

The country also has wonderful beaches and sceneries that will take your breath away. 

The best places to visit in  New Zealand are  Rotorua, a city on the North Island known for its geothermal activity, Maori culture, and thermal baths. Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. 

Tongariro National Park,  a World Heritage site on the North Island, is known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities.

Bay of Islands, a beautiful area on the North Island, is known for its clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and marine life. Queenstown is a  popular tourist destination known for its stunning lakes, mountains, and adventure sports.

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is known for its diverse culture, beautiful harbors, and island attractions. Those are some of the suggestions, however, there is plenty to see in New Zealand.


men in black suits standing in the hallway

Japan is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations there is a lot to explore in Japan, from the iconic Mount Fuji to the former streets of Shinjuku.

Japan has traditional culture and modern cities that you can experience when you visit. There are also plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and hot springs.

Since  Japan is home to some of the most delicious food, it’s also the home of many  Michelin-starred restaurants.

Some of the best places to visit in Japan are; Tokyo, of course, who doesn’t want to visit the capital city of Japan, known for its crowded streets, thronging nightlife, and world-class shopping and dining?

Osaka, one of Japan’s famous cities located on the island of Honshu, is known for its delicious food, shopping districts, and castles Okinawa is known for being a  tropical paradise,  it’s famous for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and coral reefs.

Nikko is the home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Toshogu Shrine. The city is also known for its beautiful temples and shrines.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Japan. In addition, if you like fascinating technology that makes everyday life easier this will be the opportunity to explore them. Such as their famous public toilets, fridgezoos, sake vending machines, artificial beaches, Robot hotels, and many many more.


standing statue and temples landmark during daytime

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations for travelers/tourists in Southeast Asia. Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious food,  and rich culture, without forgetting its stunning temples.

There are many amazing places to visit in Thailand, some of the amazing places that you can visit and enjoy what Thailand has to offer are; Sukhothai is the home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sukhothai Historical Park.

This northern Thailand city is also known for other ancient temples and ruins.  Chiang Mai is famously known for elephant sanctuaries, delicious food, and of course beautiful temples.

Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand is known for its crowded streets, vibrant nightlife, and dining. Phuket, the famous touristy island in  Thailand, is well known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and coral reefs. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of street food that is very affordable.


Morocco is a country located in North Africa although sometimes many people consider it a Middle Eastern country.  Morocco is known for its beautiful cities, such as Marrakech, Tangier, and Fez which are very popular with tourists for their markets, gardens, and historical landmarks.

Morocco is the home of the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, and the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.  There is a lot to do in Morocco, but some of the best places to visit are; Fez the home of the UNESCO World Heritage site Medina (old city), and home to the University of Al-Karaouine, the oldest university in the world.

Chefchaouen is a well-known city for photographers due to its environment of blue-washed buildings and houses. Marrakech is the most famous and most visited city in Morocco with well-known souks (markets), beautiful gardens, and historical landmarks such as the Saadian Tombs,  the Koutoubia Mosque, and many more.

Marrakech is also the home of  Yves Saint Laurent Museum. This is the museum that is dedicated to the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent also known as YSL. While you are also in Marrakech don’t forget to visit the famous Majorelle garden. 

Tangier is a coastal city also known as a gateway between Africa and Europe. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and its cultural and historical significance.

The Sahara Desert is a place where you can do adventurous activities such as riding a camel,  sand surfing, stargazing, wildlife, and many more.

The Sahara Desert is well known for its sand dunes and camel treks.  The Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, this is where the Mediterranean sea and  Atlantic ocean meet,  offer a variety of beach destinations to choose from.



sydney opera house near body of water during daytime

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands.

The country is known for its diverse landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef, the outback, and the famous  Sydney Opera House. There are many things to do and explore in Australia.

Here are a few ideas for things to see and do in Australia: The famous  Australian outback is an extensive and remote region that is home to unique landscapes and wildlife.

The  Great Barrier Reef, is the world’s largest coral reef system and is home to a wide variety of marine life.  Sydney is home to iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Australian Museum, the country’s oldest museum which has a wide variety of exhibits on Australian natural history and culture.

The Twelve Apostles a series of limestone stacks that rise out of the water along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. In addition, Australia is home to some of the most famous wine regions in the world such as the Barossa Valley and the Hunter Valley. Also don’t forget beautiful beaches, such as  Bondi Beach in Sydney and the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland.


aerial photo of city during golden hour

Canada is bordered by the United States to the south and the Arctic Circle to the north. Canada has a diverse landscape, with the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes, and the tundra.

The country is also known for being a major producer of natural resources such as timber, oil, and minerals, and is a leader in the technology and communications sectors. 

With a diverse range of landscapes, cultures, and activities to enjoy, Canada has a lot to offer from activities to sightseeing.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Canada; Niagara Falls is located on the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, United States.

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. There are boat tours to the base of the falls or you can view them from the observation decks.

Banff National Park: Located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, this national park is known for its stunning mountain scenery, turquoise lakes, and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and fishing.

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province. It is well known for its French-Canadian culture, historic architecture, and lively nightlife.

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is vibrant and diverse. The city of Toronto has many museums, galleries, and theaters to explore. It is also the home of the Royal Ontario Museum and the iconic landmark CN Tower.



man driving white motor scooter on road

Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Southeast Asia. The country is well known for its tradition of crafts such as ceramics, lacquerware, and silk production.

Vietnam is also known for its rich culture, and delicious cuisine. The country is also well known for its tradition of crafts such as ceramics, lacquerware, and silk production.

There are many things to do and see in Vietnam. Some popular things to do and places to visit are; Hoi An, this beautiful city is known for its well-preserved Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Not only that but the city is also known for its beautiful beaches. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is known for its cultural landmarks and vibrant street life.

While you are there, you can visit famous attractions such as the Old Quarter, the Temple of Literature, and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Da Nang if you like amazing architecture this place will amaze you with its famous bridges such as the Golden bridge and the Dragon which has been a famous tourist attraction. 


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7 Ways on How To Travel On A Budget (2023)

Do you want to travel but are always afraid that you can’t afford it? Have you tried to figure out how most people do it? Well it is simple, many people have discovered they can afford to go on their dream vacations, and the best way to do it is to travel on a budget.  

Traveling on a budget can be a great way for you to go on a dream vacation that you always want or a bucket list that you always keep adding.

Not only that, you will get a chance to see the world and have new experiences, without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to help you plan a budget-friendly trip:


Plan ahead

Always give yourself time and plan ahead. This can help you to do some research on your destination.  Planning ahead means booking your flights, accommodation, and activities in advance.

This can help you save money.  You can compare prices and find deals on google travel or use the hopper app. If you can’t find the prices you want you can put an alert so they can notify you when prices go down.

Be flexible

This can be a little bit tricky because of daily life. Being flexible means you are open to any dates, not just only specific dates. Most people have full-time jobs which makes it hard to be open to any dates.

Being flexible with your travel dates and destination can also save you money especially when you are considering traveling during the off-season or to destinations that are less popular at the time you want to travel.

If you can do this, check websites like Skyscanner where you can search for different dates and different destinations. 

All you need to do is just put in your airport and the month you want to travel and for the destination, you will choose any there is a big chance one of the destinations that pops up will be the one you want.

Travel rewards: 

white and blue magnetic card

If you like to travel,  consider signing up for a travel rewards program or credit card. These programs can save you a lot of money because they often provide discounts on flights, accommodation, and activities.

Choose the program you want and stay loyal to it, you can choose one for hotels and one for flights and be loyal to them. Let’s say you decided to enroll on Delta airlines, make sure when you fly you are flying Delta not other flights.

This will be easier for you to collect points and lead to getting your rewards such as discounts, free flights, or airport lounge access.

The same goes for hotels and rental cars, you can enroll in Hilton Honors and book Hilton hotels or enroll in enterprise car rental and do the same thing. These programs are beneficial if you are using these services many times.

Pack light

clothing items and pair of shoes in luggage

Packing light can save you money especially when you are taking a flight.  A packing list will help you avoid checking  in baggage fees and also make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

Try to bring the essential items you need, this will give you a room when you want to buy some souvenirs on your way back.

Public transportation

people walking on pedestrian lane near white and red train during daytime

Instead of using ride-sharing services, taxis, or renting a car, consider using public transportation or walking to get around. 

In big cities like New York City, Tokyo and many in Europe, public transportation works well. This can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to explore your destination and also be safe.

In some cities, you can buy a weekly pass, or hours pass that you can use depending on how long you are staying.

Budget accommodation

tidy room filled with furnitures

Staying in budget accommodation can help you save money but you have to be careful about this.  Some will say instead of staying in a hotel, you can book a budget hostel, Airbnb, or a motel. 

The experience I had with hostels was when I was in college.  This makes me feel most of them are for college students etc and I don’t feel they will be comfortable or accommodating for families.

However, I saw some videos on social media about hostels that adults can stay in.  Airbnb can be affordable when you book early because nowadays the prices are the same as hotels.

However, hostels and Airbnb can often be more affordable and provide a unique local experience. The main thing you need to consider is safety, yes you might find an affordable Airbnb but is it in a safe neighborhood? etc. 

You can always find some hotel deals if you book early or by searching on apps like Hotwire where they have hot rate specials or Priceline where they have express deals, name your price, and many more.

Avoid touristy  locations


We all know when we visit our dream destination we want to do all the touristy things. Yes, you can do all this in a smart way.

For instance,  instead of eating at touristy restaurants, you can eat local street food or local restaurants meaning nonfancy restaurants that charge you high prices for the same thing you can eat in local restaurants.

This can also be a great way to save money and also experience the local culture. If you want to experience the fancy restaurant that you saw on social media that is not in your hometown, you can make a budget for it so you can get your experience. 

Another thing if you like to shop, avoid touristy locations. Those places tend to have prices because they know most people around the area are not from there so they don’t know their surroundings.


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Weekend Getaway to Atlanta: 4 Days In Atlanta Itinerary For Two

Atlanta is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Georgia. It is the eighth most populous city in the Southeast and 38th most populous city in the United States according to the 2020 U.S. census.

Atlanta is home to major attractions in the U.S such as the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta botanical garden, and many more.

Every place you go there are the goods and bad so we will try to analyze our experience, and we are sure everybody has a different experience. 

We will go over our experience with attractions, transportation, restaurants, etc. We spend  4 days it was labor day weekend from Saturday to Tuesday.  We did have time to explore the city and have some opinions, without further due let’s start.

So How can you spend 3 or 4 days in Atlanta?

Traveling to Atlanta For Two

We flew to Atlanta on Saturday, as usual, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport is always busy no surprise this airport has been ranked as the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998, briefly losing its title in 2020 due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and regaining it in 2021.

After we landed it took us about one hour to get out of the airport, yes from our gate to pick up our checked-in luggage and to the parking lot.  Well, we didn’t have any issues at the airport but it was a long walk. 

We didn’t do rental reservations, so we used uber to get around which was kind of expensive, according to our hotel receptionist he said its because there was a lot going on in the city, there was a baseball game, college football, concerts, and pride parade all this on one weekend.


The Best Attractions and Sightseeing In Atlanta

Atlanta has a lot to offer when comes to attractions and sightseeing. There are a lot of things to do around the city. For us, this was the best part of the trip because we were able to enjoy it even though was crowded.

We were able to visit the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coca-Cola, the Atlanta botanical garden, Centennial Olympic Park, Martin Luther King Jr National Park, Ponce city market, and the College Football Hall of fame (we were lucky because it was free that weekend).

Another thing we did was a hoop in Skyview Atlanta. Everything was great in these places the only issue was the crowd was big. 

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and it houses more than 20,000 marine creatures. It is located in Atlanta and it is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

How Many Whale Sharks Are In The Georgia Aquarium?

There are currently four spotted whale sharks in the Georgia Aquarium, in the aquarium’s Ocean Voyager gallery. The whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium were all born in captivity. The aquarium also houses other types of sharks like sandbar sharks, pacific blacktip reef sharks, and more.

The World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola is an interactive museum that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the history of Coca-Cola and its impact on global culture.

Visitors can learn about the company’s history through interactive exhibits and see how it has evolved over time. They can also sample different types of Coke from around the world or enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants inside the building.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden

atlanta botanical garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a botanical garden in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It is located on 13 acres in Midtown, adjacent to Piedmont Park. It would take you about 2 hours to walk through Atlanta Botanical Garden.

When is the best time to visit Atlanta Botanical Garden?

The best time to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden is in the springtime when the flowers are in bloom. The gardens are also open during the summer and fall, but the heat can be oppressive and the crowds can be larger.

If you do visit during the summer, try to go early in the morning or late in the evening, when it is cooler.

Winter is a beautiful time to visit the Garden as well, although some of the outdoor areas may be closed. The indoor conservatory is always open and is a great place to escape the cold.

Keep in mind that parking can be difficult, especially on weekends, so plan accordingly.

How many lights are at Atlanta Botanical Garden?

The Garden’s Holiday Lights display is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Visitors can stroll through gardens transformed by more than 2 billion lights. The Lights display runs from mid-November through January.

Martin Luther King Jr National Park

The World of Coca-Cola

The Martin Luther King Jr National Park is a national park in the United States that commemorates the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

CNN In Atlanta

CNN building atlanta


The College Football Hall of Fame

The College Football Hall of Fame

What is the best place to eat in Atlanta?

This is where we had a major issue. Usually, when we travel in different cities we like to try new restaurants that are not in our city or not chain restaurants that are a  no, no.

So we usually take recommendations from yelp, TikTok, or Instagram, and we go from there. But recently most of our recommendations come from TikTok.   TikTok never failed us(lol)  but this time we were surprised at how things turned out. 

Southern Fire Kitchen In Atlanta, GA

Our first restaurant was  Southern Fire Kitchen. We saw this restaurant on TikTok. The food looks really good so we thought why not give it a try? According to the restaurant website, it shows it opens at 4 -11:30 pm no reservations are required.

So we decided to go around 8 pm it was a little bit far from downtown.  We arrived there the restaurant was at the strip mall and was giving a nightclub vibe, we did not expect that.

Then we saw a long line outside and we proceed to the staff/receptionist who was outside and asked if we can get in or what are the procedures to get in. To our surprise, the lady told us the waiting list is full and they are closed.

We didn’t get that because the restaurant website showed it closes at 11:30 pm and we didn’t need any reservations. So we didn’t really know what is going on. 

As I mentioned the restaurant was at the strip mall so people were waiting outside some in their cars so is kind of uncomfortable if you are from out of town or not used to the area. We did not get a chance to get in and we think that was misleading and poor customer service on their part.

Lily’s Restaurant & Lounge

Well, we still wanted to eat, so we take a look at our list and see if we can find something close to that area.  Then we found a restaurant calls Lily’s,  the picture, environment, and food look good, but we decided to call before going so we don’t waste our time.

We called and the lady say we can’t make a reservation we can get there and wait to be seated we asked how long is the wait. She said she can’t tell but usually is 30 minutes, we are like okay since there is a place to sit, and maybe we can have a drink while we are waiting.

Well, we got there was crowded and again it gave us nightclub vibes. There was a bouncer outside who asked us if we have a reservation, and we explain what we have been told over the phone.

The bouncer told us to wait so he can check with the receptionist, then he came back and say the wait is 1-2 hours and there is nowhere to sit if we want we can try the nightclub upstairs. 

My question is why the lady who spoke to us did not tell us all this over the phone when we call? We were more than disappointed. At this time we were so tired from all this and went back to the hotel.

Atlanta Breakfast Club

Well the next day, still on our tour we said let’s go for brunch since we have plans to visit the Georgia Aquarium we decide to search for restaurants around that area that’s when we saw Atlanta Breakfast Club.

The food looks good but the place was parked and we arrived at  10:30  we were  #137 on the waiting list at around 2:17 pm we received a text that our table now is ready, and we were long gone.  We couldn’t wait that long because we had some other things to do and places to be. 

So next door to Atlanta Breakfast Club there is a restaurant that has brunch too its called Suite Food Lounge, so we decided to take a shot.  Well, we went there and we encounter two bouncers who asked for our IDs and search our purses.

We were kind of shocked most of the restaurants we visit they have to strip-search us and show our IDs, which was new to us we never experience that in any other cities we traveled to.

We get in and ordered our food which was okay not wow.  Another thing we experience is that in every restaurant there is shisha. This is new to us because we midwesterners have not seen shisha in a regular restaurant. 

We did not say there is no shisha in the midwest, is just not regular at the restaurants, the restaurant might have shisha but they have a designated section for that.  Another thing we experience is that when a bill comes they already add tip/gratuity on your total bill so if you add tip you will be paying twice.

BQE Restaurant

On another day we want to have dinner at a fancy bbq/ soul food restaurant so we did our search then we came up with BQE Restaurant, we browsed the website, and the restaurant had a reservation policy that we read and follow. Then there is the dress code etc. We were so excited now we are going to some decent place. 

So we made our reservation and then we went. When we get close by according to GPS the environment was not giving like we are going somewhere fancy, the place look off and we checked the address it was correct.

We got there were homeless people sleeping or sitting around, they didn’t have parking if they did was maybe behind the building which we didn’t even want to get there.

We were curious to see inside because what we saw on the website was totally different from what was in front of us. We walked to the door here we go there is a bouncer ready to check our IDs and search our purses by this time we know the routine. 

So we got in omg it was totally different nothing looks like their website it took more than 10 minutes for a waitress to come and take care of us, we were hungry so we said let’s order we ordered some food which looked like was not cooked there,  the food came before drinks not only that the food was served with disposable silverware/utensils that were enough for us, we feel like we got robbed.


Usually, when we travel we like to visit some places we saw on social media, tv shows, etc. Most of the time they have been exactly like what we saw or imagined but Atlanta was the opposite we feel like scammed, and what you see on a website or social media is not real life.

But we did enjoy the attractions and we were able to go to  Atlanta Breakfast Club which we really like the brunch was worth waiting for. Atlanta Breakfast Club is the only place we did not see on social media we just found it while we were there.

They have good customer service and there was some entertainment while we were waiting outside. And for our last dinner, we didn’t t wanna encounter another situation so we ended up at Fogo de Chao, and was nice. 


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11 Best Yoga Retreats Around the World [Updated for 2021]

The year 2020 has been a very very long year full of events from pandemic to elections somehow we feel like we need a break from all of these events. The best way to do that is by taking care of yourself, relaxing, recharging, and get ready for new beginnings whatever that maybe.  

The best way to stop for a moment and get away from everyday life stresses and get some peace is through yoga retreats.  Yoga retreats are worth it especially when they are well organized.

Yoga retreats can provide a memorable vacation experience, an opportunity to meet new people and learn different things and gain new perspectives in life. There are yoga retreats all over the world but today I want to show you some of the best yoga retreats around the world. Here  we go;


1. Kamalaya Koh Samui , Thailand

photo of brown bench near swimming pool

Kamalaya is the perfect island retreat located in Thailand.   A tropical island vibe with deep blue water, long palm trees are some of the things that will surround you on this yoga retreat in the beautiful  Kamalaya resort on Koh Samui. 

The Kamalaya resort is well known as a multi-award-winning wellness sanctuary.   They have a  personalized Yoga Synergy Programme, you can choose 3, 5, or 7 days classes and Ayurveda therapy.

In between sessions you can unwind in the lovely spa on top of a hill and sample delicious Thai cuisine and enjoy all that Kamalaya has to offer.


2. Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center,  Costa Rica

Credit Anamaya Resort

The Anamaya resort in  Costa Rica gives you a life-changing experience yoga retreat.  The incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush green jungle of Costa Rica are enough to make anyone want to stay because it gives you a Zen with a touch of adventure.

There is more to do in this yoga retreat like relaxing in a hammock or soak in the magnificent infinity pool. You have an option to take a daily yoga lesson or combine yoga with adventures such as learning how to surf.

If you are into more than yoga, The  Anayama offers permaculture, retreat. A permaculture retreat is a special retreat that focuses on a sustainable lifestyle where you will stay at the Rancho Delicioso eco-village in the middle of the rainforest.


3. Nøsen Yoga Mountain Hotel, Norway

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

If you enjoy being somewhere remote and quiet, the Nøsen Yoga Mountain Hotel, in Norway will be the spot for you.  This wintery Norwegian landscape is one of the best yoga retreats in Europe.

Located 906 meters above sea level at the beautiful Panoramavegen was built-in 1888 so it’s very different from the resort you used to.

The yoga retreats at  Nøsen Yoga Mountain Hotel come in a comprehensive package of yoga and meditation classes,  which are both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to your daily classes, there are different activities you can do like cross-country skiing, dog sledding. The retreat is available during both the winter and summer seasons.

 4. Vana Wellness Retreat,  India

Credit Vana Wellness

Vana wellness retreat is one of the most famous retreat spots in the world. Located in India, the resort is set among mango and lychee plantations, north of New Delhi.

The  Vana Yoga retreat has a large selection of yoga classes,  not only that you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Ayurveda,  experience Tibetan healing, and also Chinese herbal therapy. 

5. EcoYoga, Scotland

Time-Lapse Photography of Waterfalls

Eco Yoga is a retreat center located in Scotland. Situated on a hilltop, surrounded by dense forests, and a sweeping view of Loch Awe.

Eco yoga run courses and retreats throughout the year, it’s the best place to enjoy  Scottish nature.  Also in the resort, you will find a plunge pool filled with spring water, a solar-heated hot tub, and two incredible pools right next to a roaring waterfall.

Have you taken a bath by the waterfall? Oh well, add that to your list because there are different bathing options and one I think is the best is  Lower Gorge Bath.   

Lower Gorge Bath is where the river plunges into a natural gorge and joins the mighty Liever River, and that’s how  Lower Gorge Bath was created, it is a deep bathtub.

The Eco Yoga offers lectures, two classes a day, and delicious vegetarian dishes. If you want to recharge, relax, and have some peace and enjoy nature, this is a place to be.

6. Como Shambhala Estate, Bali

A Cozy Cabana Close To A Swimming Pool

Como Shambhala Estate is located in the rainforest valley near Ubud, Bali. It’s a  definition of a true Retreat for Change. It has a team of experts such as yoga teachers, an Ayurvedic doctor, and a resident dietician.

While there, you will get a chance to enjoy nature, outdoors, and rise to the sound of birds singing outside your room and spend days exploring the thick jungles and stone temples of this magnificent place and joining Ayurvedic yoga classes next to the babbling river.

7. Fusion  Maia Da Nang, Vietnam

Credit Fusion Maia Da Nang

Fusion Maia Da Nang located in  Vietnam has a perfect yoga retreat with an all-spa inclusive package.  The Fusion Maia offers a refreshingly modern take on wellness like an introduction to a vegan diet and other modern wellness programs.

You can take part in daily schedules of beachfront yoga and meditation, or simply allow yourself to kick back and let your twice-daily complimentary spa treatments soothe stress and reduce anxiety.

This place is truly a gateway for those who are looking for a wellness retreat, unforgettable cultural encounters. It blends healthy living with understated luxury. 

Fusion Maia will give you breathtaking beachfront views, a range of elegant pool villas, and its special Breakfast Anywhere Anytime. This is a place where you can relax and enhance your overall well being. 

8. Yogarosa Ibiza, Spain


Yogarosa has a beautiful yoga retreat in the heart of Ibiza.YogaRosa Retreats offers relief from everyday stress.   The Yogarosa’s yoga retreat has shady pines, a cooling pool,  and aromatic lavender.

While you are here, you can generate healing energy, explore meditation, and deepen your yoga practice regardless of your current level. 

Enjoy authentic practices, held in a Bedouin tent with fluttering prayer flags, followed by meditation accompanied by a singing bowl.

9. Villa Lena, Italy

Credit Villa Lena

Located on the sweeping olive groves and rolling hills of  Tuscany, The Villa Lena is a perfect place for a yoga retreat.  It’s a beautiful place to recharge and find new inspiration.

There a variety of yoga classes and activities from sunrise yoga sessions on the poolside deck, to go for long walks through neighboring vineyards and dine on food sourced from local farms.

On this yoga retreat, you will be able to enjoy fresh and delicious menus to supplement a healthy lifestyle. There is also a bar where you can enjoy fresh juices and cocktails only made by request since they are freshly made.

Not only that there are organized tours that get you to discover the hidden charms of the property. If you happen to go there during the fall season,  you will have an opportunity to participate in grape picking and truffle hunting led by one of the agricultural experts. 

10. Trilanka Resort,  Sri Lanka

Silhouette of Man at Daytime

Located in an old cinnamon plantation in Sri Lanka, it is an ultra-sustainable yoga retreat near  Lake Koggala, providing the perfect Zen backdrop to practice.  

Tri Lanka resort is an elegant, elevated retreat space for physical and spiritual practices.  This amazing resort offers individualized and dynamic self-healing through yoga, breath, and meditation.

Sessions are held in a treetop sala above the bamboo grove, and you can spend your free time kayaking, salt fishing, or tucked away in the library.

Tri Lanka resort is well known for its Quantum Yoga which has more to offer when it comes to yoga.

Quantum yoga it’s a yoga path that resonates with your personal requirements at all times and balances your inner nature, with the aim of bringing you into a state of greater harmony with the environment. 


11. Hotel Sanara Tulum, Mexico

Empty Balcony Near Beach

Hotel Sanara Tulum is a barefoot luxury hotel on Tulum Beach in Mexico, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. 

The place you can feel the warmth of the pristine white sand between your toes as you weave between our beach garden sanctuaries,  enjoying the world-class Wellness Center, ocean-front Yoga studio, and highly acclaimed conscious kitchen.

There are three yoga sessions a day, and a good spa if you want to book in for treatments. Between or after the session you can choose to spend your day on the beach, and eat. 

The retreat provides meals such as grain, dairy, and refined sugar-free to improve digestive health.




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The Best Places For the Holidays in The U.S | White Christmas Vacation Spots

The holidays are around the corner, usually, it’s a wonderful time people celebrate together with loved ones, it’s a magical time of the year.

Well, it might be different this year, but we’ll try to make it special as usual. People celebrate the holidays in different ways, some in their favorite restaurants, some in their family or vacation home and some are going for a family gateway searching for a white Christmas vacation.

For those who prefer to travel or have some little getaway during holidays, here are some cities in the U.S that have holiday spirit that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones.


white concrete building

This one of the largest cities in North Carolina is also one of the best towns for Christmas celebrations because of its annual tradition such as exploring the Biltmore estate where they usually host lavish Christmas festivities.

Families can also spend a day at  Omni Grove Park Inn; they also offer Christmas magical festivities that include their well known Fesivannual national gingerbread house competition.

Festive drinks and cookies are served and don’t forget their Christmas traditional dinner. There is a lot to do in Asheville that makes it the best place to visit during the holidays.


green Christmas tree

Branson, Missouri is the perfect spot for the holidays with the family. The family gets to enjoy the view of the Ozark Mountains and get the holiday spirit at the same time enjoying dancing performances, numerous live singing and, parades, a few light shows, and tours.

Lights displays are all over town a family can take a ride and see all the displays.  Don’t forget to check out Christmas Tree Trail where giant trees are decorated and on display throughout the town where you can take memorable pictures.  

Want to have more magical holidays? Don’t miss Silver Dollar City Christmas Festival, is one of the best Christmas Festivals in the U.S.  

The Silver  Dollar City Christmas Festival is a four-time winner of the nation’s  Best Theme Park Holiday Event according to USA Today’s  10 Best Readers choice poll. The amazing festival comes with 6.5 million dazzling lights, a nightly light parade with Rudolph, and other activities.


green Christmas tree

You might not get a white Christmas but this place will make you feel like you are in Christmas movies or Christmas storybooks. This is due to the warmth of this place, its charming decor and sometimes it’s snowy streets.

A lot of things to do with the family, you can visit the village square for hot cocoa, traditional treats, and annual tree lighting. Enjoy some holiday horse wagon rides, ice skating, snowshoeing, children’s holiday workshop, breakfast with Santa, and many more without forgetting to visit the old world Christmas market.

If you like resorts, you can check out The Osthoff Resort. They offer a lot of opportunities to enjoy the village, such as ice skating on its reflection pond, breakfast with Santa on Saturdays.


brown barn surrounded by orange-leafed trees

Jackson Hole is a place for nature lovers and those who like to do outdoor activities. There is a lot of lodging, restaurant options to choose from, activities like skiing, fishing, mountain climbing are well known around here. 

What a better way to enjoy this place than to hop on to the iconic Big Red tram. You can ride a tram to the  Rendezvous peak and take part in the tradition and enjoy delicious waffles from Corbet’s Cabin.

Not only that, but you can also take a horse-drawn ride to the National Elk Refuge while kids are skiing with Santa.


house with string lights

Leavenworth, Washington, is a Bavarian-themed town about two hours from Seattle. This small town will make you feel like you are in Germany while transforming into a winter wonderland.

There are a lot of winter wonderland themed activities such as sledding, hot spiced wine and cider tastings, holiday concerts. All this happens at the traditional Christmas Lighting Festival which must go when you are in town during the holidays.

Don’t forget to visit the Christmas annual market known as Christkindlmarkt which features unique goods such as German foods, lantern parade, handmade arts, and crafts all this goes with Christmas themed entertainment.

Some other things you can do or experience with family while celebrating Christmas in Leavenworth are a visit to the Gingerbread factory, skiing, dog sledding, sledding and tubing,  sleigh rides, and a visit to Nutcracker Museum.


person standing beside two Christmas trees with baubles

New York is one of the best and most famous cities in the world, the city that never sleeps is always known for its holiday celebrations.

There are a lot of things to do in the city, you might not be able to do them all. You can start the holiday celebrations with the iconic annual traditional   Macy’s  Thanksgiving Parade.

If you can’t make it to the parade you can check out the Christmas Spectacular at  Radio City MusicHall. You can also stroll around the city where there’s the holiday spirit everywhere such as seeing a huge Christmas tree at  Rockefeller center and while you are there you can ice skate just under the Christmas tree and take memorable pictures.

Don’t forget to visit  Central Park where you can see a lot of landmarks and structures, some of them you saw on your favorite TV shows or movies. Also, you can hop on a carriage ride tour and get some different history about the city.


snow-covered trees and mountains

This is one of the best towns to celebrate the holidays. The place has old fashioned holiday charm like those you see in the movies. One of these town famous traditions is the Wassail Weekend, during this weekend the entire place turns into Christmas magic.

There is a lot to do this weekend such as hearing sleigh bells, eating Christmas traditional food and appetizers, and seeing different traditional pageants.