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The Best 17 Culinary Family Vacations Places in the U.S.

We often consider what vacation to take or where to go with our families. Taking a vacation with family can be very challenging. Because you want to know where to go and where is a good place to go with family and enjoy. Let me introduce you to another type of family vacation and that is the culinary family vacation

The culinary family vacation is the exploration of food as the purpose of tourism. Culinary family vacation includes activities such as taking cooking classes; going on food or drink tours; attending food and beverage festivals, participating in specialty dining experiences, shopping at specialty retail spaces; and visiting farms, markets, and producers.

There are several places you can visit for a culinary family vacation, this could be overseas or domestically. The most famous countries that people go to for culinary vacations are Spain, France, Thailand, and many more. But don’t worry you don’t have to go overseas for these vacations. There are places in the U.S. that offer the same experiences.  Our guide to the best 15 culinary family vacations in the U.S. promises an exquisite blend of flavors, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s see these culinary destinations.

New York City, New York

people walking on pedestrian lane during night time

Explore the streets of NYC, where food tours reveal the city’s diverse culinary landscape. From pizza slices to ethnic eats, NYC caters to every palate. New York  City is known for its diverse culture which makes it one of the best places to go for family culinary vacation. Whether it’s grabbing a perfect pizza slice or savoring exotic ethnic eats, New York City has something that desires every taste bud. 

Recommendation: If you choose  NYC for your destination schedule a food tour with  Foods of NY Tours. They have a variety of food and culture tours, from walking to bus tours.  I have to say these tours are all good I can’t pick one, you can check out more here and choose what is best for you. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is foodies’ heaven, let the jazzy tunes guide you through the French Quarter’s culinary marvels.  From Beignets from Cafe du Monde to  Po-Boys, New Orleans makes the best destination for Family Culinary Vacations

Recommendation:  Book the food tour with  Destination Kitchen, they offer different tours to choose from. Check out more here and find what’s best for you.  Also, for cooking class check out the New Orleans School of Cooking,  is very interactive, and informative with a lot of fun. Here you are not just cooking you also get to learn the history of food and ingredients.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

white rice on brown ceramic bowl

Discover the enchanting blend of Native American and Spanish flavors in Santa Fe. There are cooking lessons centered around local ingredients that promise a delicious family affair. 

Recommendation:  Santa Fe School of Cooking offers culinary classes so you can experience the delicious cuisine of America Southwest in depth, including the techniques of master chefs. They have also been offering high-end restaurant tours for over 16 years and the opportunity to meet the chef or key players at each property. Check out more here for classes and tours.


San Francisco, California

a store with red umbrellas on a city street

Take a cable car ride to the city by the bay, where culinary tours unfold the secrets of Chinatown and more. Explore this wonderful city and what has to offer in terms of diverse culture and food.

Recommendation: Explore Culinary Wonders in San Francisco with Sidewalk Food Tours. There are several tours to choose from such as The Mission District tours, Chinatown Food tours,  and North Beach tours. Their tours are like 3 hours and it’s good to book in advance.  There are also cooking classes and events that are hosted by Food Network’s Chopped Champion, Chef Eliza Martin. Check out more here for tours, classes, and more.

Napa Valley, California

people sitting around table with wine glasses and wine bottle

While Napa Valley may be renowned for its vineyards, it also has different things to do. Napa Valley can be a family-friendly vacation destination, especially for culinary vacations.

Recommendation: Book your wine and culinary  classes and tours with Visiting Napa Valley there are different options to choose from Pair your culinary adventure with a family-friendly wine tour at Castello di Amorosa an authentically styled 14th-century Tuscan castle winery in the Napa Valley.

Charleston, South Carolina

people riding on carriage on road during daytime

Indulge in Southern charm with a culinary tour through Charleston. From shrimp and grits to delicious clam chowder, this city has a dish for every family member.

Recommendation: Bulldog tours provide private and group tours. This is the best food walking tour in Charleston here you taste the professional chef’s skill and passion, the vibrant flavors from farmers’ fields. Will also get to experience 300 years of rich history, cultural, and culinary traditions. Get ready to enjoy Charleston staples like stone ground grits, benne wafers, collard greens, South Carolina BBQ, fried green tomatoes, and more. Check out more about the tours  here.

Culinary Institute of America Boot Camps

vegetable salad on white ceramic bowl beside clear wine glass

For families with aspiring chefs, the CIA Boot Camps provide an immersive experience. Learn the secrets of culinary arts together as a family. These Boot Camps make for a perfect culinary vacation! Each boot camp offers a deep dive into a specific topic that will help you gain confidence and skills in the kitchen, all while having fun and creating amazing food.  Culinary Institute of America not only offers boot camps they also offer Hands-on Cooking Classes, Wine and Beverage Classes, and Family-Friendly Classes.

Recommendation: The CIA  has 3 locations, New York, California, and Texas.  In New York, you can enjoy a family meal at The Bocuse Restaurant on the CIA campus in Hyde Park. California you can stop by Gatehouse restaurant in St Helena. Texas stop by Savor in San Antonio. Check out more about the Culinary Institute of America here.

Disney World, Florida

people are walking around in front of a large ball

Disney has the perfect blend of magic and flavors. Explore The EPCOT Food & Wine Festival is an annual celebration of global cuisine in Disney World! The festival showcases a global culinary adventure. 

Recommendation: Book The Taste of Magic Kingdom Park VIP Tour. This is a three-hour guided experience, you will get access to backstage kitchens. Hear stories directly from Disney chefs and Cast Members with topics ranging from the food history of the Disney Parks to the creation of new menu items. Also, you will get a chance to taste some of the most popular food items in Magic Kingdom. Opportunity to “Taste the Future” by sampling in-development foods. Check out more information here.

San Diego, California

bread on white ceramic plate

Surf, sand, and seafood – San Diego is a haven for foodies. Delight in the city’s coastal cuisine and family-friendly cooking classes. Don’t forget to visit the Liberty Public Market for diverse food offerings.

Recommendation: Secret Food Tours,  here you’ll explore the Historic Gaslamp Quarter while enjoying dishes with influences from Mexico. Feast on the freshest fish Taco, the melted burger, sweets, and of course our delicious Secret Dish and many more diverse foods. At the end of your tour, you will gain a better understanding of the culture and history. Check out more here about the food tours and cooking classes.

Asheville, North Carolina

people walking on a sidewalk

Settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville It’s known for its energetic arts scene and historic architecture. Asheville offers family cooking classes and craft brewery tours. A perfect blend of culinary and outdoor adventures.

Recommendation:  Asheville  Food Tour, on this tour you will experience the best of famous food makers in Asheville have to offer, and learn what makes each stop and the whole town so special. You will also have an opportunity to learn the history of Asheville. Check out more about the tour here. 

Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon signage

Experience the culinary scene in this Pacific Northwest amazing city.  Sample the best of the Pacific Northwest culinary scene. Portland is known for its heavenly healthy eats.  Don’t forget to check out one of the food cart pods in the city. Portland is known for having many food cart pods in the streets, making it unique. Portland has low regulations, no requirement for a food cart to have a particular structure, and many regulations are also not enforced as long as health and safety are not impacted.

Recommendation:  Book your culinary tour with  Lost Plate. From roving food carts to bespoke private kitchen events, and morning coffees to wine tastings,  Portland Food Tours has a wide and weird culinary scene covered. These  Portland food tours are all-inclusive which means everything included in your ticket, from locally roasted coffee, to fresh craft beer. Check out more here about these amazing tours.

Austin, Texas

food on sticks on plate

Austin is known as the live music capital of the world and has more to offer than music. The city is also known for its outdoor adventures, culture, and most important food.  From barbeque to Tex-Mex, Austin is a spot for a family culinary vacation.

Recommendation: Book your tours with Austin Eats Food Tours, they have different options to choose from there are brunch tours, barbeque tours, brewery tours, and many more. Check out more information about the tour here.

Chicago, Illinois

Giordano's store front

One of the most diverse cities in the Midwest. Chicago is known for its iconic deep-dish pizza and diverse culinary offerings with bundled packages featuring discounts at family-friendly restaurants, brewery tours, and many more,

Recommendation: Book your tour with the Chicago Food and City Tours.  Here you will experience Chicago’s legendary food scene like a local.  You will enjoy the best food in Chicago, from historic favorites to today’s hottest chef-driven cuisine. Also,  this is  Chicago’s only tour that takes you to the hot local spots featured on the hit TV show THE BEAR. Check out more about the tour here.

Maui, Hawaii

a beach filled with lots of white umbrellas next to the ocean

Discover unique Hawaiian flavors in a family-friendly environment all over the island. Maui has many things to offer when comes to culinary vacations. Enjoy breathtaking beaches and tropical landscapes with beautiful culture.

Recommendation: Book your tour with Tasting  Maui here you will explore the flavor of Maui. They provide educational food tours and opportunities to learn about Maui’s unique local ingredients. These tours are informative, edible experiences that are based on the seasons. 

Note: Since tours are seasonal and based on fresh ingredients and availability, what you get to taste and see changes frequently. They also provide cooking classes. Check out more here.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

white ceramic plate with food on brown wooden table

Experience the coastal charm and exquisite seafood with family-friendly deals on island dining and culinary tours. Enjoy boat-to-table experiences in this amazing well-known place. There are many ways to experience food on the island that are as varied as the island itself. 

Recommendation: Book your tour with Vineyard Square Hotel, they have different options to choose from. This place not only has food tours they also have festivals.  There are wine and food festivals. The one I recommend which I feel is different is Foodie Tour de Farms I guarantee it is a different refreshing experience. Check out more information here.


Seattle, Washington

a sign on a city street

Let the aroma of fresh produce guide you through Pike Place Market. Engage your family’s senses with a walking tour of this iconic culinary destination. Enjoy seafood at Pike Place Chowder for a true taste of the Pacific Northwest. There are also cooking classes offered in the city

Recommendation:  Take the tour with Eat Seattle Tours, they have a variety such as chef-guided tours, street food tours, and coffee crawls & VIP morning tours. Another place I recommend is Hotstove Society for an amazing cooking class. Check out more about the tours here.

Savannah, Georgia

a piece of cake with a spoon

Savannah’s historic charm extends to its cuisine. Explore the city’s culinary scene and embark on a family-friendly foodie tour.

Recommendation: Book your tour with Savannah Taste Experience, they have different types of food tours that let you sample some of the city’s finest dining and offer a superb way to get to know a place through its regional cuisine. Also, you will hear the stories of the city’s unique food heritage and taste the best versions of Savannah’s most revered dishes. Check out more about food tours here. While there you can stop by at The Olde Pink House, a historic restaurant offering Southern classics.


As you embark on these culinary family vacations, and destinations, prepare for a harmonious blend of flavors, laughter, and shared experiences. These destinations cater to every palate and promise to create lasting memories. Make sure you makes plans in advance that is very important before you go to your vacation.