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11 Best Apps and Tools for Business Travelers 2023

Business traveling can be so exhausting because sometimes it requires juggling too many things on the road.  This is why business travelers need some apps and tools to help them with things such as time management, communication, expense tracking, travel booking, language translation, and productivity. 

Below are some of the best apps and tools that are helpful for business travelers.

Google Maps 

person holding white samsung android smartphone

As we know Google map is a very helpful tool for most people. However,  it is very useful for business travelers by providing real-time navigation, traffic updates, and directions to their destinations especially when they are in different locations.  

It also allows them to search for nearby businesses and points of interest, such as restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. In addition,  Google Maps can be used offline, which is helpful for travelers in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

It also has a feature that allows access to maps and saved locations even without an internet connection, making it a convenient tool for business travelers on the go.


person holding black android smartphone

WhatsApp is a very famous communication app around the world. It helps business travelers by providing a simple, fast, and secure way to communicate with colleagues and clients.

WhatsApp offers features such as text messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, and group chats and group calls which make it easier to stay connected with team members and clients while on a business trip.

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption that ensures that sensitive business information is protected and secure. In addition to that, WhatsApp can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, making it accessible from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

It’s safe to say that WhatsApp is a valuable tool for business travelers who need to stay connected and communicate effectively while on the go because it’s accessible on most electronic devices.


Evernote helps business travelers by providing a platform for organized note-taking and information management anywhere. 

It allows users to create notes, save web pages, and attach files, making it a comprehensive tool for capturing and organizing information while on the road. Evernote has  OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a technology that makes it possible to search within handwritten notes or images, making it easy to find what you need when you need it without spending a lot of time scrolling. 

The best part about  Evernote,  your notes can be synced across all devices, which gives business travelers access to their information from anywhere.

In addition,  Evernote offers collaboration features such as shared notebooks, making it an effective tool for business travelers who need to share information and work with colleagues in real-time.


macbook pro displaying group of people

Skype helps business travelers by providing a platform for virtual meetings and video conferencing. This makes it easier for business travelers to participate in meetings and presentations while on a business trip, without having to be physically present.

Skype offers features such as high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, and recording, making it easy to conduct productive and effective virtual meetings. 

In addition, Skype allows for group video calls with more than 40 participants, which is a valuable tool for business travelers who need to collaborate with multiple team members or clients at once.

With Skype, business travelers can stay connected and participate in meetings from anywhere, making it an essential tool for effective communication while on the road.

Dropbox or Google Drive

white laptop computer turned on beside brown paper cup

Dropbox or  Google Drive helps business travelers by providing a secure and accessible way to store and share files in the cloud.

Business travelers can access their files in cloud storage from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it easier to work on important documents or presentations while on a business trip.

Both of these tools allow for easy file sharing with colleagues and clients, making it possible to collaborate on projects and presentations in real time.

These tools also offer features such as version history, which allows users to see and revert to previous versions of files, and remote wipe, which ensures that sensitive information can be removed from lost or stolen devices. 

Dropbox or Google Drive can ensure business travelers that their files are accessible and secure, making it an essential tool for effective collaboration and information management while on the road.


Expensify helps business travelers by providing a platform for efficient expense tracking and management. It allows users to track expenses, including receipts and mileage, and categorize them for reimbursement or reporting purposes.

It also integrates with major credit card providers and banks, making it easy to automatically import and categorize expenses. Expensify also allows users to generate and submit expense reports, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reconciliation.

This makes it a valuable tool for business travelers because they can ensure that all expenses are accurately tracked and accounted for, and for finance teams, who can save time and effort in processing expenses.

In addition,  Expensify offers features such as real-time notifications, policy enforcement, and approval workflows, making it an effective tool for streamlining the expense management process for both business travelers and finance teams.

Todoist or Trello 

Todoist or Trello is a tool that helps business travelers with task management and project organization. Both of these platforms allow users to create to-do lists, set deadlines, and prioritize tasks, making it easy to stay on top of important tasks while on the road.

This tool also offers collaboration features such as shared projects and boards, making it possible for business travelers to work with colleagues and stay informed about project progress while on a business trip.

Both of these tools have mobile apps, allowing business travelers to access their task lists and projects from anywhere.

These tools help business travelers stay organized, prioritize their tasks, and stay informed about project progress, making them valuable tools for efficient and effective task management while on business trips.

Airbnb or 

white sofa set near window

Airbnb or helps business travelers by providing platforms for booking accommodations while on a business trip.

Both of these platforms offer a wide selection of lodging options, including apartments, homes, and hotels, making it easy to find a place to stay that fits the needs and budget of the business traveler.

Airbnb and allow users to easily compare prices and amenities, and make bookings in real-time, streamlining the process of securing lodging arrangements while on the road.

These platforms are easy to navigate and they are very open unlike other platforms they will reveal the hotel name after you book the hotel. 

In addition, both platforms offer features such as user reviews, which provide valuable insights about the accommodations and the hosts, and flexible booking policies, which allow for easy changes and cancellations.

Airbnb and help business travelers find and book comfortable, affordable, and convenient accommodations, making them essential tools for business travel.

XE Currency

XE Currency is a platform that helps business travelers by providing accurate and up-to-date currency conversion. It allows users to easily convert between multiple currencies, making it a valuable tool for managing expenses especially when you are overseas.

The best thing about XE Currency offers live exchange rates and a simple user interface, making it easy to quickly convert currency while on a business trip.

In addition, XE Currency also provides a historical exchange rate graph, which can be useful for business travelers who need to monitor currency trends and make informed decisions.

With XE Currency, business travelers can manage their finances more effectively, ensuring that they have accurate information about the cost of goods and services in the local currency, making it an essential tool for effective expense management while traveling.

Uber or Lyft

person holding black iphone 5

Uber or Lyft platforms help business travelers by providing convenient and cost-effective transportation options while on the trip.

Both platforms offer on-demand ride services, allowing business travelers to easily book rides from anywhere with an internet connection.

With Uber, you can schedule a ride for later, which is a very good idea when it comes to planning. Uber and Lyft provide real-time information about the driver, vehicle, and arrival time, making it easy for business travelers to track their rides and ensure that they arrive at their destination on time.

Both platforms offer features such as in-app payment, which eliminates the need to carry cash, and the ability to rate and provide feedback about drivers, ensuring high-quality service.

With Uber or Lyft, business travelers can easily and conveniently get around the city, reducing the stress and hassle of finding transportation while on a business trip. Also, you can get rewards for using these platforms.

Google Translate and iTranslate 

selective focus photography of iPhone on MacBook

Google Translate and iTranslate are platforms that can help business travelers when they’re going overseas. It helps with overcoming language barriers and facilitates smooth communication during their trips.

These platforms help in communication by providing real-time voice and text translation of more than 50 languages.

This will help you to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and local partners in foreign countries even if you don’t speak the same language as them.

The best part about  Google Translate is that it can also translate text into images, such as street signs and menus, making it easier for business travelers to navigate in a foreign country.

For instance, when you walk in the street in Portugal or China you see a sign that you are not aware of. Google translate can help you to translate that image.

In addition to that Google Translate and iTranslate both have offline translation capabilities, which can be useful for business travelers traveling to areas without reliable internet connectivity.

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How to sustain a healthy lifestyle even during business trips.

Business travel can be a productive, enjoyable, and even exciting experience. The time

you spend doing business in other locations expands your business reach and scope and

broadens you as a person as well.


Getting skilled at business travel is a solid business

goal because there are skills related to business travel and being productive on the road

that is impossible to learn if you don’t get out there and travel.


Many of the skills associated with business travel have to do with how to live

productively on the road. This is especially important if you find yourself on a lengthy

business trip.


The life of moving in and out of hotels, traveling by car or airplane, and the

stresses of the work can wear down even the most robust and experienced business

traveler.  Maintaining a healthy diet while traveling for business is a serious challenge and one that really can only be accomplished with some serious planning.

You will inevitably find yourself eating in a lot of restaurants on the road and that kind of food does not lend itself

to a diet that is designed for weight loss or for a diet, you must maintain for Health

Reasons. Here are the simple steps you can sustain a healthy lifestyle

Communicate your desires

people seated on table in room

The first but biggest step forward to achieving diet goals while traveling is to

communicate your desires to your traveling companions. In a business setting, there is

often a lot of encouragement to eat and drink well.


Everybody is on the expense account so it is easy to overdo it. But if you let your coworkers and clients know you

have compelling reasons to maintain a disciplined diet, most of the time they will respect that and find ways to help

you be successful.

Don’t depend on restaurants for your meal

people sitting on chair during daytime

Another trick of business travel is not to depend on restaurants for your meals entirely. If

you can get out to a market early in the trip and purchase some fresh fruit and vegetables,

you can prepare some healthy food in your room to fill you up and keep you on track.


Then if you find that you must eat in a restaurant to discuss business with coworkers or

build relationships with the client, your appetite will be low so you can get by on much



You can also be a voice for moderation in the selection of eating establishments for your

meals. Obviously, fast food is not going to be a good choice for you. So if there is

A discussion about where to stop, you can vote for a place that serves a good variety of

meal choices including some healthy choice menu options. In that way, if you must eat in

a restaurant, you can find items to order that can be prepared in accordance with your diet


By doing this, you will be surprised how many allies you will find both in your travel associates and with those you

are doing business with at your destination who have diet goals but have not been successful because of the

temptations of life on the road.

Your open statement of intent to stick to your diet in spite of the rigors of business travel can be a

tremendous inspiration to them. Moreover, by building partnerships in your intent to live healthy, it is entirely

possible to take your business to a healthy restaurant or deli and allow the rest of the party to go to a place of their

liking. As long as this is done without animosity, everybody wins.

Avoid Alcohol and Snacks

people toasting wine glasses

Avoiding alcohol and snacks can be a huge challenge on the road as well. Very often in a

seminar setting or during a long day of discussions, the host company or office will

provide cookies or other snacks to help the meeting go well by keeping everybody’s

blood sugar up.

These snacks are going to be hard to resist. One way to help yourself in

that situation is to be prepared with your own snacks in your handbag to bring out to

substitute for the unhealthy food being provided.


Be Active

man running during daytime

While on a business trip you don’t want to go to your business meeting, eat, sleep. You can do some moderate

exercise like walking, yoga, etc. Nowadays most hotels have fitness facilities/gym, swimming pool, etc. You can

spend  15-30 minutes doing some exercise. If you are not a gym person you can swim or take a little walk to keep you

active and fit.

By thinking ahead about your diet needs and how you will provide for yourself while traveling, it is possible to

sustain a healthy lifestyle even during business trips.

By supplementing these steps with exercise and rest, you may find that your weather the trip much better than those

who abuse their bodies and find yourself more productive as a business person as well because you made the effort to

eat well on the road.


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7 Best Digital Cameras for Your Needs | 2020 National Camera Day Review

Photography is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. One can argue that you don’t need a good camera to take a good picture. All you need is a skill or creativity intention and there is no motivation like the upcoming 2020 National Camera Day.

But do you know somehow a good camera that has brilliant functions can enhance those skills and give you an amazing photo that you want? 

Choosing the best camera can also be a hard task. Today cameras have many functions that you might or might not need.  Some people choose the camera based on functions, portability, user friendly, etc. 

So we did a little research and found some best cameras that might be good for you depending on your needs or skill levels. 

1. Best Digital Camera for Beginners: Sony A6100



To buy: Amazon

The Sony A6100

It is a  beginner-friendly camera. The functions include a 24 2MP Exmore CMOS image sensor, the latest bionz x image processor, and a front-end LSI as implemented in Sony’s full-frame cameras which combine to deliver all-round enhancements in image quality and performance across all areas of photo and video capture.

This camera has an excellent autofocus system.  The battery can be charged inside the camera, so you can use external battery packs as needed. Great portability which makes it a great all-around camera to use.  

It comes with a great app and built-in  WIFI which is also easy to navigate and make it super easy to transfer photos from the camera to your phone or any gadget you want to.

Another good function is that you can use the app on the phone to control the camera,  I think this is so amazing because it makes it easier to take solo photos, or when you want to include everybody and no one is being left out to control a camera.

With this camera, you will be able to enjoy the high-quality image shots, the superb autofocus speed, and no problems with low resolution.

Sony A6100 is not the fanciest camera but gets a job done especially for beginners.


2. Best Digital Camera for Kids: Olympus Tough TG-6

To buy: Amazon

Olympus Tough TG-6

This camera is not only good for kids it’s also good for adventures and those who need a sturdy point and shoot. It is waterproof, can go 50 feet deep in the water,  can also survive a drop from 7 feet, and will even resist 200 pounds of pressure. That’s why it has been considered the best camera for kids. 

A child can drop it in the bath or swimming pool, throw it down the stairs, or walls, and the TG-6 will keep working as normal. Again  TG-6 is not a toy it’s a real camera but was categorized as best for kids due to its durability, but it does get the job done. 

It’s also good for adventurers,  for those who like hiking steep mountain trails,  skiing in the wilderness. This camera has been built to endure all the extreme environments.

You can drop it, step on it, go deep underwater, or out into a freezing blizzard the  TG-6  will keep rolling shooting awesome stills and video.  

The TG-6 has the following features; High-resolution F2. 0 lens, maximum 8x zoom, true pic VIII, back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor. 5 underwater shooting modes including underwater microscope, 3 underwater white balance modes.Image File Format: JPEG, RAW.

The variable macro system consisted of 4 macro shooting modes, magnified shooting up to 1 centimeter from the end of the lens. Waterproof (50 feet / 15 meter), dustproof, shockproof (7 feet / 2. 1 meter), crush-proof (100kgf), freezeproof (14 degree Fahrenheit/ -10 degree Celsius), anti-fog. 4K movies and Full HD 120 fps high-speed movies can be recorded.

Overall the TG-6 is a very good compact camera it takes good high-quality images, Pictures are bright and lively.   It performs well in low lights, and underwater photos are very strong.


3. Best Digital Camera For Travel: Sony RX100 VII

To buy: Amazon

Sony RX100 VII

Sony RX100 VII has Impressive performance and image quality. It’s good for photo enthusiasts and pros on the go due to its size and performance.  This camera has the following features; 4 K video with s log3 and Interval Shooting.

Microphone jack and vertical position data recording. Active mode image stabilization in 4K video recording and Movie Edit add on compatible. High-speed Autofocus(AF), 357 points focal plane Phase detection AF, and 425 points contrast-detection AF.

It also has up to 20 fps blackout-free shooting, using up to 60 times/sec. Af/AE calculations.The 20. 1MP 1. 0 Type stacked CMOS sensor, Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* 24 200 millimeter F2. 8 F4. 5 large aperture high magnification zoom lens

Ai is based on real-time tracking for stills and movies, and touch tracking. Real-time eye AF for human (stills and movies), and an animal (stills only)

This is a good camera that provides good images and not so complicated. It’s easy to carry because of its size, that’s why we pick it up as a travel camera or to go camera.


4. Best DSLR Camera: Nikon D780

To Buy: Amazon

Nikon D780

 Nikon  D780 has a balanced performance, features, images quality. It’s good for anyone who still needs an optical viewfinder and marathon battery life. His camera is good at capturing fast-moving action subjects and time-lapse sequences plus the best rich 4K videos.

Thanks to  Its 51-point AF system it helps detect and tracks subjects more tenaciously. The AF system brings huge enhancements in live view shooting, with wide 273-point coverage and eye-detection. 

Not only that it offers a rich array of advanced image-making options, from improved time-lapse movies to shutter speeds of 1/8000 to 900 s, and diverse movie functions including 4K UHD/30p with HDR (HLG) support.

Combined with the effortless handling of a touch-operable LCD, the D780 lets you stay nimble, and seize every imaging opportunity. It has great ergonomic, lightweight compared to previous Nikon generations. 

5. Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera: Sony A7R IV

To buy: Amazon

 Sony A7RIV  

Sony A7RIV  is a class-leading resolution and fast performance camera. This camera is good professional photographers and serious enthusiasts. It’s 61 megapixels (MP) is perfect for most demanding photographers.

The evolutionary leap in image processing power and efficiency of the Sony  A7R IV combines a high-resolution 61MP back-illuminated Exmore R CMOS image sensor with impressive shooting speeds of up to 10 fps with full AF/AE tracking, as well as beautiful 4K HDR video, wide 15-stop dynamic range, and high sensitivity with area-specific noise reduction.

Sony A7R IV has the following features;  a stunning resolution from its world’s first 61MP full-frame 35 millimeters back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor. High speed: up to 10Fps continuous shooting at 61MP with AE/AF tracking; 26.2MP in APS C crop mode.

Fast Hybrid Autofocus with  567 Phase detection AF points and 425 contrast AF points to cover more area. Advanced subject recognition, perform real-time tracking and real-time eye AF for humans, animals, and movies. It also provides accurate color reproduction.

Provide full pixel readout without binning in super 35-millimeter mode; S log and HLG recording feature for 4K videos.  It comes with an electronic viewfinder. 


6. Best  Digital Camera for  Video: Panasonic Lumix GH5

To buy: Amazon

Panasonic Lumix GH5

The GH5 is a hybrid camera that can shoot both stills and videos without cutting corners. This camera is for those who put much emphasis on motion content as they do on still photos.

It is the best mirrorless camera for recording video than most camcorders and it shoots stills, too. The Lumix GH5 has the following features; a 20.3 Megapixel micro four-thirds sensor with no low pass filter to capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artifact.

Freezeproof to 10 degrees the durable magnesium alloy body withstands heavy use in the field; Splash/dustproof construction with weather sealing on every joint, dial and button.5 axis dual image stabilization corrects all lenses, including classic lenses not equipped with O. I. S, to eliminate Blur and nearly eliminate body and lens shake in both photo and 4K video recording.

Records silky smooth 4K 60P/50P (QFHD 4K: 3840 x 2160/ MOV or MP4) video with internal 4: 2: 2 10 bit 4K video recording, Plus exclusive 6K photo and 4K post focus records photos up to 60Fps. 3.5-millimeter audio port, connect to devices with USB 3.0, an external monitor or external Recorder with a full-size HDMI port; Available Twin SD card slots (UHS-II U3 Compatible)

Lumix GH5 It’s great for photos, video, and has cool features. It has a post focus feature which is great. The other best thing you can find in this camera is high frame rate capabilities and the uncompressed video. It can be used for interviews, professional photoshoots, studio work, and music videos.


7. Best  Digital Camera Overall: FujiFilm X-T4

To buy: Amazon

FujiFilm X-T4

The X-T4 is a  high-performance camera. It’s good for enthusiast photographers, or anyone looking for a one-size-fits-all camera. 

This camera is the definition of elegant styling that meets high-tech performance.  X-T4 has a powerful image-making tool that offers professional photo and video functionality that can be quickly and easily accessed at the flick of a switch. X-T4 offers five-axis In-Body Image Stabilization, autofocus sensitivity down to -6EV, and Full HD/240p super slow-motion video recording.

It also provides improved AF tracking performance and enhanced battery life compared to X-T3, along with a new mechanical shutter that is capable of making images at 15 frames per second and 300,000 actuation. High-resolution movie footage can be made at DCI 4K/60p in 10-bit color, while the addition of a newly designed optional.

Vertical Battery Grip uses two extra batteries to provide nearly 2,000 still frames before needing to recharge. X-T4 is the ultimate camera for hybrid image-makers who want the versatility to make the most of their creativity.


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Travel to Foreign Shores

International business travel is rapidly becoming common to work out deals and to organize international partnerships. The economy is becoming more global as the world becomes “flat” due to increased communications and the rise of the economies around the world. No longer are businesses deals assumed to occur only on a national scale. To look at the business community as an international neighborhood is in step with the markets of this century. And that means that you could easily find yourself flying overseas to conduct the business of your company. And international travel takes some preparation.

Long before you book your flights to travel overseas, you will need to get your documentation in order so you can pass through customs and get on your way. Due to increased security, and up to date passport has become essential to even travel to adjacent countries. Due to the increased requirement of passports, it takes longer to get that documentation together so plan early to secure your passport so you don’t come up short when it is time to conduct your overseas business.

Also, keep in mind that a visa is required to travel to some countries. So when you set up the business meetings, find out from your contact at your destination country what is required. To get a visa, you will need to have had your passport for at least six months. In addition, you will need an original copy of an invitation from your host in the destination country. Those documents will be taken to the local embassy of your destination country to get your visa issued to you. So plan these steps if a visa is necessary for your trip.

Next to the legal documents, health issues are second in priority to attend to for a successful business trip. You may need to get your vaccinations up to date for certain destinations of your trip. Consult your doctor so you are ready. Do some preparation for the unlikely chance that you will have a health emergency overseas. This is a place where travel insurance is a good idea. If you are hurt or have a severe illness overseas, you will need that kind of assistance to get medical care and to get moved back home for long-term care.

Also, be sure your medical documents are available and copied in several places should you become separated from them. You want to be able to access insurance information, emergency contacts, information about the medication you need and emergency contacts even if you lose everything overseas. One way to do that is to scan critical documents and store them on the internet in a folder that you can get to from anywhere in the world.

Use much of the same travel-savvy that keeps you safe traveling domestically when preparing to go to a foreign country. You probably do not have knowledge of the town you are going to and where the safe places are to stay and dine and what neighborhoods to avoid. You can use very current travel books and internet information to learn that kind of “street knowledge” before you leave. But nothing replaces a local contact. Use your business contacts on the other end of your travel plans to advise you on not only where to go but where to avoid when coming into town.

Your contact in the foreign country you are traveling to can also give you insights about how to handle transportation and security in his or her country. Hailing a taxi may not work the same over there as it does here. And you want to avoid getting into a vehicle that is not a legitimate carrier who may not take you where you want to go or should go once they pick you up at the airport.

Also, spend some time learning local customs and methods of communication. This is very important when it comes to doing business in a foreign country. Be aware of how you act, how you dress,  stand and use your hands as you could without knowing set off a dangerous situation. For example, the thumbs-up sign in western cultures means affirmation and success. But in the Middle East, a thumbs up is the same as showing the middle finger is to us. In Japan, try to avoid black attire because the color black is rare and regarded as bad luck. You don’t want to flip off a policeman in Saudi Arabia just because you didn’t know that.